Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fulbright Scholar

If you're a teacher, then you know that teaching and illness just don't go well together.  

It's been a quiet October on the blog because I've spent a lot of the month so far fighting off upper respiratory bugs, with marginal success.  I've had a lot of tea (isn't my mug adorable - a present from my German host mom!) and think I am personally keeping the company that makes Alka Seltzer plus Cold in business.  

Finally, this week, I stayed home one day and slept a lot.  That seemed to make a difference, so hopefully I'm returning to the ranks of the healthy.

So, just a short post today week to tell you about the Fulbright Distinguished Teacher I've had the honor of hosting this fall.

This is the 3rd year that Indiana University has been hosting Fulbright Distinguished Teachers, but it was my first year serving as a host.  I was paired with Hanane Chahidi from Casablanca, Morocco.  She is a high school English as a Foreign Language teacher and is working on an inquiry project about how our approach to language teaching leads to effective communication.  Hanane visited Bloomington North once a week for 6 weeks, observing in my room and in other classes.  

She and her collegue, Khalid El Motassadeq, also presented to students at North about Morocco.

I also got to meet Fulbright Distinguished Teachers from Finland, Mexico, Israel, and the Palestinian Territories.  

It was a definite pleasure, and I hope to be able to host another Fulbright teacher in the future!