Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Online Resources for Starting the Year in German 1

My school year is off and running!  Over the weekend I was compiling a list of online resources for German 1 introductory topics like the alphabet and beginning conversation.  Here are some of the highlights:

The Alphabet Song

The Alphabet Song with ß, ä, ö, and ü

Sesame Street Disco Alphabet with Grover from 1978

Learning App: German Conversation Listening

Nominative Pronouns and Sein 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Three Words: So Many Names

I'm a big fan of the podcast It's been a Minute from Sam Sanders.  On Fridays he and his guests describe their week in three words.  It's a fun challenge to think back over the week and summarize it with only three words.

School started on Wednesday, and on Friday I asked my homeroom students to summarize their first week of school in three words.  It was interesting to hear what they came up with, and it helped me to get to know them a little better.

My three words, which I shared with my homeroom first as an example, are So Many Names.  I am teaching full time for the first time this year, which means I have six classes and a homeroom.  My three sections of German 1 are all full at 32 students, my three sections of German 2 have 30, 30 and 21 students, and I have 23 students in homeroom.  That's 200 students.  I know about 25 of my German 2 students from last year, but the rest of them had my colleague for German 1, so they are new to me.  So, that's about 175 names to learn.  

No wonder my brain was tired by Friday!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Enjoying the Little Things: New White Board Erasers

School starts on Wednesday, and we have teacher days Monday and Tuesday.  Just a quick post today with a little thing that makes me smile - new erasers for my white boards!

I was inspired to make these out of leftover flannel fabric after I finished making some flannel baby burp cloths for friends who just had a baby.  They're super simple - just two rectangles of flannel sewn together.  Hopefully they'll hold up well and I can start throwing out the old eraser socks I've had since I inherited them from a former colleague four years ago!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Krümelmonster als Harry Potter

Today I found this Sesamstraße video of Cookie Monster as Harry Potter and think it will be great for my German 2 students in our unit on clothing and colors.

Before they watch the video, students will look up some essential vocabulary:

Then, students are ready to watch the video.  

Since this unit is about clothing and colors, many of my comprehension questions focus on those topics:

while other questions concern primarily the story:

and one gives them a chance to practice Two-Way Prepositions:

Here's the file if you'd like to use it with your students: Krümelmonster als Harry Potter