Thursday, February 19, 2015

Snow Day(s)!

Up until this past week, it's been a mild winter.  My kids were complaining that we hadn't had any snow days and only one 2 hour delay, and it was beginning to feel like a long haul until spring break in mid-March.

That all changed Monday.  It started snowing Sunday night, and by Monday morning enough had accumulated for us to have our first snow day of the year.  It kept snowing much of the day, and I had two very happy kids at my house.

Our school district includes both the city of Bloomington and most of the surrounding county, so even when the roads are clear in town, school is often cancelled because the rural bus routes aren't in good shape.  So, on Tuesday we had our second snow day.  

Then, it snowed several more inches Tuesday night, and schools were closed again on Wednesday.  

We didn't get any more snow after that, but temperatures and wind chills dropped very low, resulting in our fourth snow day today.  

Temperatures are supposed to be very low again tonight, and we already have a 2 hour delay for tomorrow, but it looks like we might finally get back to school on Friday.

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