Saturday, January 28, 2017

Wetterberichte in German 2

My German 2 classes presented weather reports for cities in German-speaking countries this week.  It was the first time I've done this assignment, and it went really well!

First, students showed us where their city is on a map:

Then, they told us about the weather forecast for the next four days.  In my example, I modeled speaking freely without writing out everything I would say:

Many of my students were able to do that as well:

Others felt more comfortable with more of their presentation written out:

I gave them a fair amount of freedom on that.  If they had things written out, it needed to be done correctly.  If they spoke freely, I was more lenient on grammar mistakes.  

I designed a recording page for students to complete as they listened to their peers' presentations.  I've found that having some kind of activity like this really encourages students to listen more closely to each other.  

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