Saturday, March 11, 2017

Toward 100% Target Language Use in Deutsch 3

My colleague Frau Nessi and I are incredibly proud of our German 2 classes!  This is the first group that she and I have both worked with using our new textbook series since German 1, and their progress is impressive!

We're already approaching the last quarter of the year, which means we're looking ahead to next year when they will be in Deutsch 3.  Our goal is for German 3 to be almost exclusively in German, with the exception of some explanations of more complicated grammar concepts.  

I try to make a natural, organic progression over the course of my German instruction to more and more German and less and less English.  I have some of the most commonly used expressions on the wall in my room and expect students to use and understand them from early on in German 1.

I then progress from giving new instructions in English to giving them in German followed by English and then German without the English.  

To get our current German 2 students ready for German 3 and using German (almost) exclusively, I'm introducing circumlocution and German-German vocabulary in small, non-threatening ways now.  

Our current topic is Auto und Rad fahren (Car and bike riding).  We read a short article in German from our textbook about bike paths in Germany.  Students answered comprehension questions about it in German, which they've been doing since German 1, but I added in another question:
(What is a one-way street?)  Most students wanted to translate it into English, but I pushed them to think about how to explain it in German using other words.  We talked about how they might explain it in English to a small child without using the word one-way.  Eventually most students were able to get to something along the lines of "Alle Autos fahren in nur eine Richtung. (All cars drive in only one direction.)  Success!

On the last day of school before Spring Break, we played Kahoot with their current vocabulary.  Students may not have noticed but there wasn't any English in the Kahoot.  

It started out with identifying pictures:

Then it got a little tougher with Where is this vehicle going? and 4 possible complete sentence answers.

And What does one do here?

Finally, they were ready for questions without pictures:

They did very well, especially considering that it was the day before Spring Break.  We also watched a video from Easy German, which I love because it is in German with German and English subtitles: (But I recommend you  preview all videos completely before showing them in class as there is occasionally some mild profanity which may or may not be tolerated at your school.)

We'll continue on after break with German-German vocabulary crossword puzzles and word association games for vocabulary.

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