Sunday, February 21, 2016

Accusative Pronouns Foldable

Our current unit in German 1 has a lot of important grammar structures in it:  We've already learned modal (helping verbs) and the imperative (command) form, and the topic for this week was accusative prepositions and pronouns.  

We learned the seven accusative pronouns on Tuesday (I should probably write a separate blog post on that...) and on Thursday I wanted students to review and practice those as well as learn the accusative pronouns.  

Whenever we're doing something with pronouns, my go-to foldable is a Shutterfold 6 flap because it works so well for first, second, and third person singular and plural.

As their Macht jetzt (Do Now/Bell Work), students cut out their foldable and wrote the nominative personal pronouns on the outside of the flaps:

We've been working with these most of the year, so this went smoothly, and we were ready to review to the uses of the accusative case in guided notes.

Then, we opened up the flaps and added in the accusative forms of the pronouns:

One the back sides of their notes, students completed some examples of accusative case with nouns and with pronouns.  We did the first few examples together, and then students worked on the rest independently.

Click here for a copy of the notes and foldable.

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