Saturday, August 13, 2016

Auf die Plätze, Fertig, Los!

August 10 was the first day of school, and we are off and running!  

I am so grateful that our school district started school on a Wednesday this year rather than a Monday.  The first days of school are really tiring for both students and teachers, and after 3 days, everyone is ready for a weekend.

All in all, things went surprisingly smoothly.  I am teaching 5/6 time again this year, and have two sections of German 1, two sections of German 2, and one section of German 4.  Here's how I keep myself organized:

We have block scheduling, and my German 2 classes meet on Maroon days, and German 1 and German 4 meet on Gold days.  

New this year, I have posted objectives for each of my classes, which is part of our evaluation:

German 1 started out with a crossword puzzle of cognates to discover how much German they already know.

and looking at some false friends:

And in German 4, we talked about duzen and Siezen with this video from Easy German:

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