Thursday, August 4, 2016

Landeskunde Bayern
One of the great things about being on break is that it gives me a chance to explore new resources and plan new activities in a more thorough way than I have time for during the school year.

Today I was thinking about our first Landeskunde (geography and culture) unit for German 2: Bayern (Bavaria).  Over the course of German 2 and German 3, students study each of the 16 German Bundesländer in detail.  I've taught the German 3 states before, but this year will be my first to teach the German 2 states.  

Bayern is the first one, and surprisingly, since it is the largest state and most well-known in the U.S., I didn't have a lot of material on it yet.  So, I visited one of my go-to sites for culture videos: Deutsche Welle.  

Their travel program Check-In has a 25 minute video focusing on Munich:

I had time to watch the whole video and create a worksheet to go along with it.  This could be completed as a whole-class activity or individually.  

The first part of the worksheet refers students to our textbook, Mosaik, but the information is also readily available online.  
The back page follows the video and uses the adorable children's map of Munich that I found online.  

Here's a link to an editable copy of my Landeskunde Bayern Notizen.

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