Thursday, June 29, 2017

Landeskunde Bayern und München

I like to incorporate culture and geography into our units as much as possible, rather than making it a separate stand-alone topic.

In German 1, we begin with an overview of German-speaking countries, then look at Berlin in more detail and finish the year studying Austria.

In German 2, we start the year looking at Bayern (Bavaria), which fits in well with the topics of Feste and Feiertage (Festivals and Holidays) and Kleidung (Clothing).

I've been working on some introductory activities for students using EDPuzzle and Learning Apps.

First, I have a Discover Germany video in English with German conversation questions about Bavaria:

and another video about Munich, without questions:

After watching this video, students are ready to complete two activities on Learning Apps: 

I'm working to update my guided notes to go along with these activities.  Hopefully they'll be ready soon!

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