Friday, July 7, 2017

Backe, backe Kuchen

One of the best parts of the German Instructor Summer Program that I attended last week was talking with and sharing ideas with other German teachers.  One of the other teachers said that she sings classic German children's songs with her students every Monday.  One of the songs she mentioned was "Backe, backe Kuchen," which would fit in really well with our foods unit.

There are lots of videos of the song on YouTube.  One of my favorites is this one

I created notes to go along with it.  Before students watch the video and hear the song, they will work with the text, finding words they know and hunting for particular grammar forms.

Next, students will watch the video and sing the song.  

Finally, they will label the numbered items in the picture from the video.

For enrichment or bonus, I might have students watch another version of the song and figure out which of the ingredients has been changed:

I hope to do something similar with other children's songs.  Here's the file if you'd like a copy: Backe, backe Kuchen

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