Friday, December 19, 2014

Ich habe, wer hat?

I spent a little over 2 years working as an elementary school English as a New Language aide before returning to high school teaching 2 years ago.  I learned so many things from working with some incredible elementary teachers!  

One game that they played with students is called "I have, who has?"  One student has a card that says something like "I start.  Who has the capital of Texas?"  The student whose card says "I have Austin. Who has the capital of Iowa?" will then read it, followed by the student who has Des Moines on her card, and so on, until a student has a card that says, "I finish."  The goal is to get through all the cards as fast as possible, and it can be used to review material in a variety of subject areas.

Last year I played "Ich habe, wer hat?" with my first year German class, and they really liked it.  This year I have three German 2 classes, and they compete against each other for the fastest time.  It works best when students are pretty familiar with the vocabulary.  Here's a look at several of the cards for my German 3 class, including the beginning and ending cards.

It's not hard to create your own game using your specific vocabulary.  I usually print mine out on card stock for durability.  Here is the basic template without the vocabulary words added in if you'd like to try it yourself!

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