Saturday, December 27, 2014

Vanille Kipferl

The last weeks of school before Winter Break were really, really busy.  Most of my time was filled with helping students get ready for finals and get caught up after being absent and giving quiz and test make-ups and retakes, but I was able to set aside a tutorial period right after St. Nicholas' Day for cookie baking.

I decided we'd make Vanile Kipferl (almond crescents), which are a popular Christmas cookie in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.  We used this recipe, although thankfully I read the comments and saw that you need 14 tablespoons of butter, not the 7 listed in the recipe.  

Our tutorial periods are only 40 minutes long, so I mixed up the dough ahead of time at home. (And tested it on Nicholas and Andrew.  Nicholas liked them; Andrew thought they were too plain.)  Students shaped their own cookies, placed them on the cookie sheets, and wrote their name next to it on the parchment paper if they were especially attached to their cookie.  We baked them in the World Languages office oven.

Then, we dusted them with powdered sugar, and they were ready to eat, with just a few minutes to spare.  The unanimous verdict was that they were delicious.  The cookie baking as a whole went smoothly and wasn't too hectic for me - definitely something I will repeat in future years.

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