Thursday, April 2, 2015

Adjective Endings and Coloring

I saw in the news recently that coloring books are becoming popular among adults as a way to relax and relieve stress.  Today in German 2, we did some coloring too.  I had introduced Adjective Endings after Ein Words the previous class, and the first activity today was to color the picture at the top of their notes.  (Pictures are from My Cute Graphics)

Some of my students got really into it.

This one has a pizza delivery guy on the left and two zombies on the right.  

And in this one the people are green.

Students weren't quite as excited to fill in the articles and colors with adjective endings, but most of them did get them done eventually.  (Not all of the answers above are correct!)

We took a break for some students to present dialogues, and then students did the activity below to practice in a format similar to the quiz they will take next class.

I created this activity myself at this awesome site called  It's free and really cool!  There are public activities which you can search and use, or you can create your own.  

What I like about this activity is that the students can check their work, and then they fix the ones that are wrong.  Our school is scheduled to become 1-1 next fall with tablet computers, but for now we have 2 carts of iPads which the world language teachers share, so I had my students scan a QR code which took them to this activity which works on a iPad's internet browser.  

I am equally proud of myself for creating this activity and for figuring out how to embed it here!

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