Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I've recently started showing parts of the German evening news, the Tagesschau, to my German 3 class. You can find the most recent day's news show as well as archives of previous shows at the website.

It's an interesting cultural comparison to look at how the news is presented and how it compares to U.S. news shows.  Students usually know some background on the top stories, which helps them understand more of what is said.  One of the features I especially like is that you can turn on German subtitles, which really helps my students understand what they are hearing.  

Today, for example, the lead story was about the earthquake in Nepal, so we watched that segment and discussed new vocabulary like Erdbeben (earthquake) and Opfer (victim).  It's a great way for advanced students to improve their listening comprehension and expand their vocabulary!

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