Sunday, December 6, 2015

Getting Ready for Finals

Just two more weeks of school until winter break!  Which means one more week of regular classes and one week of finals.  Last week we finished up the fourth unit of the semester in both German 1 and 3/4.  This week we'll be reviewing for final exams.

In German the exam is 25% of a student's semester grade.  The exam consists of 75-80 multiple choice questions and 4 or 5 speaking questions.  

I've been trying to have students work on speaking with each other throughout the semester using laminated questions cards which are in their table boxes.  They are color-coded (black for German 1 and yellow for German 3/4), and I add more cards to the boxes with each unit.  I just got the last set of cards laminated and cut out on Friday, so we should be all set to work with those on Monday!

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