Saturday, December 12, 2015

Future Tense Review - Ich freue mich auf die Ferien

We're getting into the last days of the semester now, which means it's time to review for final exams.  It also means that student energy levels are very low.  Not a great combination!

My German 3/4 students learned the future tense this semester, and to help them review, I assigned a short project called "Ich freue mich auf die Winterferien" (I'm looking forward to winter break.)

The assignment asked them to write and illustrate 8 sentences about things they were planning to do during winter break.  Each sentence had to have a different verb, and they had to have at least one sentence using each of 4 different subjects: I, we, he/she/it, and they.  This required them to use different forms of werden, which is irregular. 

We reviewed the conjugation of werden and brainstormed different verbs and vocabulary before they started.  Here are some of the results:

Thanks to my colleague Vera at Bloomington High School South who created the original assignment, using the past tense and talking about Thanksgiving Break for her German 2 students, which I modified to create this one.

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