Saturday, December 5, 2015

Quote of the Month for November

November was not a good blogging month for me.  I got a bad sinus infection early in the month, missed 2 days of school, and then felt like I spent the rest of the month trying to get caught up and back in the routine.  So, no blogging.  

But it's December now, and I'm hoping to return to more regular blogging.

There was one great quote from one of my students in German 1 which both cracked me up and kind of summed up the month:

We have been working on identifying the nominative and accusative cases in German.  I asked the class, "Ok, Spielplatz (playground) is the direct object, so what case is it in?"

After a pause, the hopeful response from a student, "Upper case?"

I had to laugh.  Then, a more tentative second try, "Lower case?"  

Oh, well...

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