Saturday, January 9, 2016

Herzlich Wilkommen, Herr Hurley!

We're already a week into the new semester, and my students and I are getting back into the routine reasonably well.  Still, I think we were all very ready for the weekend by Friday!

One change this semester is that I have a student teacher!

Matthew Hurley is a senior at Indiana University who will graduate this May with a Bachelor's Degree in German Education.  He is also a graduate of Roncalli High School in Indianapolis, where I taught math and physics my first two years of teaching (well before Matthew was a student there!).

Herr Hurley observed in my classroom one day a week this fall and taught a short lesson to my German 3/4 classes on subordinating conjunctions.  This semester, he'll be with me every day until April and will be gradually taking over at least several and possibly all of my classes during that time.

Herzlich Wilkommen, Matthew!

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