Saturday, January 30, 2016

Adjective Opposites Activity

We just started a new unit, Wie sind sie?, in German 1, and the focus is on descriptive adjectives.  Students are just starting to learn the vocabulary, and on Friday at the end of a long week, I knew we needed a hands-on, fun activity to get students interacting with these new words.  

When students came in to class, they picked up a half-page sheet of paper with adjectives from the new unit, plus a few from the previous unit:
Their instructions were to cut them out, make sure they knew what each one meant, and then to match it up with its opposite.

Once they had them matched up, they glued the pairs onto a piece of notebook paper to turn in for participation credit.  

Here are some of my Maroon 3 students at work:  

And here's my favorite end product so far.  This student went above and beyond, adding color and little pictures to show the meaning of the words.  Ausgezeichnet, Max!

If you'd like a copy of my instructions to use in your class, here they are:

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