Saturday, April 30, 2016

Passive Voice in German 3/4

I haven't posted about German 3/4 in a while because my student teacher took over those classes for most of the first twelve weeks of the semester.  He has finished now (and is about to graduate and go to Germany on a Fulbright - yay Matthew!), so I am back to teaching this group.  

The last big grammar topic we covered was the passive voice.  I introduced it with an example in English about building a house:

We wrote the active voice sentence in German and then learned how to form the passive voice in German:
After a quick review of conjugating werden:

We wrote the passive sentence in German.

We did some more examples of the passive voice without an agent, using vocabulary from the current unit (Umwelt = Environment).

And I used one of my favorite quotes from Angela Merkel talking about the Greek bailout a few years ago:

Finally, we discussed how to indicate an agent.

It was a pretty straightforward lesson, and my students were pleased that it used concepts (werden, past participles) that were already familiar to them.  The biggest challenges for them were remembering irregular past participles and dative case articles and adjective endings.

Here are links to my notes handout for students, my powerpoint presentation, and passive worksheet 1 and passive worksheet 2.  

Another great resource for passive is Tom's Deutschseite.

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