Saturday, April 2, 2016

Separable Prefix Verbs

One of the big grammar topics in our Lebensmittel (groceries) unit is separable and inseparable prefix verbs.  

Previously I've only introduced first year students to separable prefix verbs and left inseparable prefix verbs for second year when we are doing the Perfekt (conversational past) and they become important in forming past participles.

Our new textbook introduces all prefix verbs at once, and I felt it was worth trying out.  It fits very well with this topic since our vocabulary included

  • kaufen (to buy) - no prefix
  • einkaufen (to shop) - separable prefix
  • verkaufen (to sell) - inseparable prefix
To start out, I gave students a piece of paper with all 5 prefix verbs from the unit.  Their job was to cut them apart and make sure they knew what each one meant.

[This was right around the time when we started having school-wide wifi issues related to state standardized testing.  The solution to the problem resulted in my desktop computer and my iPad no longer being able to talk to each other so that I can no longer use my iPad for guided notes or for recording the notes.  I've talked to anyone who will listen about the problem, but after a month of asking I think the soonest I can hope for it to be fixed is over the summer.  So, I've been making do with Powerpoint.  Sigh...]

Three of our verbs have separable prefixes, so to emphasize the idea of the prefix separating, I had students cut off the prefixes and move them to the end of the sentence. Students' notes looked like this

For the inseparable prefix verbs, we put our scissors away to emphasize that the prefixes stay with the verb stem.
Click for a copy of the notes or Powerpoint presentation.

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