Saturday, July 11, 2015

Looking Ahead

Whoa, school starts three weeks from Monday!  Time flies in the summer.

I've had a really nice and relaxing break so far.  In mid-June we spent a week in San Francisco for a wedding in my husband's family and for some sight-seeing.

Next weekend we'll head up to Michigan to spend a week with both of our families, and after that, there are just 3 break days left before teacher work days.

In between, I've been enjoying the relaxed pace of summer and having a chance to do some big-picture unit planning with our new textbook.  I updated this blog to indicate that next year will be my 5th year of teaching (3rd year in German at Bloomington North).  Next year I will be five-sixths time and teach three sections of German 1 and two sections of German 3/4.  I'll miss teaching German 2 - it has always been my favorite level to teach, but I'm looking forward to teaching German 1 again.  And I'm excited that we will be able to offer German 4 for the first time since I have been at North.  There are only 3 students, so they are combined in with the German 3 classes, but it's a start.  And there are about 50 students enrolled in German 3, so hopefully we'll have more students continue on to German 4 the following year.

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