Sunday, July 12, 2015

Unit Planning

I've been working quite a bit this summer on unit planning.  During my first two years of teaching German, I really had to take things day to day because I didn't have a good sense of what my German 2 and German 3 students knew from the previous year.  Also, I wasn't sure how much I could accomplish during an 85 minute block period.  I really like to plan ahead more, but it just wasn't possible as I figured things out as I went along.

Now that I have two years of experience teaching on a block schedule and we have a new, more useful textbook, I feel like I can finally do some real unit planning.

The first thing I did was search on the internet for a unit planning template for secondary world languages.  I found a couple that were close to what I thought I wanted, so I started with those and made changes until I had my own.  Here's what it looks like:
Each unit lasts about 10 days, and I'm planning for 4 units per semester.  

After a short 4 day review unit, my German 3/4 students will start their first regular unit on Die Alltagsroutine / The Daily Routine.  Here's what the unit plan looks like so far for that:

If you'd like an editable copy of my Unit Plan template, click on its picture.

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