Thursday, July 16, 2015

Vocabulary Games

As I mentioned earlier this week, a huge part of learning a language is studying vocabulary.  I try to do a variety of different vocabulary activities to make learning it as interesting and enjoyable as possible, and this includes playing games.  One of my favorite whole-class games is Ich habe, wer hat? (I have, who has?) which I've blogged about previously.  My other games are located next to my Vocabulary Practice Tools cupboard in my Vocabulary Games cupboard.  Here's what I've got:

I hit the jackpot on a trip to Goodwill during my first year of German teaching when I found two vintage games in one trip!  The first is a really cool hangman set, which I'm sure is older than my students and may even be older than me.  (One of my students said her grandma has the same hangman boards.)  The other game is called Probe, which I had never heard of before, but it's basically a hidden letters game, played very much like Hangman.  

Below that I have 3 small metal mailboxes that I got in the dollar bins at Target.  I've labeled the flags on them with "der, die, and das," and students sort nouns by gender into the correct mailbox.  Simple, but it gets the job done.

Another whole-class game we play is  Lotto (bingo), often as a review before a quiz or test.

Then, I have two different board games that can be used for any unit.  The first one is for practicing verb conjugations.  Each square has a different subject pronoun on it.  A player takes a card which has a verb in infinitive form written on it and conjugates it for the subject on the square.  If it's right, he/she stays there; if it's wrong, he/she moves back to the previous spot.  The other board game just has plain squares, and the cards have conversation questions from the current unit on them.  

As you can see, I have space for more games, so if you have suggestions for others, let me know!

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